Blog #1

2020 turned the world upside down, but some things will never change. Just think of the importance of communication and the central role video plays here. More than ever, video made a difference. The moment you can no longer see each other physically, video offers solutions. From computer calls for product presentations to online sales. It may sound a bit cynical, but Corona gave us and our clients plenty of ideas. 

Thanks to our partner Landmarks, we were given the opportunity to visualize the new UX 300e and LC series for Lexus in order to introduce the new models to distributors worldwide. Furthermore we created a virtual B2B showroom for Flamant Interiors with a frictionless buying experience. 

But the most spectacular project we were able to realise was for Hippo-Lux, a top jumping horse breeder from Glabbeek. The challenge was no walk in the park: to offer a digital alternative to embryo, mare and foal auctions that would attract thousands of visitors in normal times. We set up a content campaign with portraits of twenty Belgian top breeders and their products. The campaign, launched on social media and the niche channel ClipMyHorseTV, was followed by a pre-sales show, which was also the kick-off for online bidding. Finally, an online live show was broadcast (albeit with a virtual audience) in which the auctioneer assigned the auction items through online bidding. Not only was the campaign a success (more than one million social media impressions), it also established a new auction record. 

Will video also replace the physical events after Corona? Of course not. Thank God. No video technique can match the authenticity and depth of a personal encounter. However, the lockdowns do ensure that video has definitely acquired a prominent position in every communication mix possible. Every company better have a plan ready in case of similar crises.